About us

What we do

At chimneyswept we are offer a no mess no fuss sweep, we are a professional and reliable business that offer the best services around. We will book your sweep into a time slot and always call if we are running a little late so you can carry on about your day with as minimum fuss and disruption as possible

We also work closely with local councils and have over 2 million public liability insurance

How Much?

When your looking for a chimney sweep , there are only three real considerations : how much will it cost ? Will there be any mess? And will it be done properly ? Well the answers are £35 , none and yes !!

There are chimney sweeps out there who charge over a £100 for a standard sweep! A standard sweep is when there are no major blokages and no requirement to go up on the roof ! We at chimneyswept sweep the chimney clean the stove if required and do a smoke test to make sure smoke is drawn up the chimney Your fire place will be completely covered in dust sheets and the sweep will be using a vacuum so any soot in the air will be sucked away