Wedding Services


Tradition has it that over 200 years ago a CHIMNEY SWEEP saved the life of king George ii by stopping his runaway horse and carriage , it was issued by royal decree that from that day forth all CHIMNEY SWEEPS are bringers of luck and should be treated with greatest of respect!

A member of the kings court said if CHIMNEY SWEEPS are lucky then I will have one at my wedding to bring me and my new wife luck and from that day forth it's been tradition to have a lucky CHIMNEY SWEEP at your wedding

Our Service

Our services includes turning up before the wedding for photos and to meet and greet the guest we also stay after the wedding for more photos. You will also get a lucky little keepsake.

Our lucky sweep wedding service prices varies depending on the SEASON! Not the wedding season. The sweep season, at certain times of the year, a chimney sweep can be quit busy actually sweeping chimneys.